Global business success requires local business expertise.

Effective globalization of your business demands equally effective localization for your business.
That means more than “just” translating your message into another language – it means preparing your business for success in another country, culture, business environment.

Penta Corporation - Global Business ConsultantsBernard Marie and Penta Corporation have helped dozens of companies succeed in markets throughout the world, providing:

  • Highest-level financial and government contacts throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.
  • In-depth understanding and adherence to local rules, regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Highly developed local and regional financial and legal expertise, resulting in rapid negotiations to contract.
  • Efficient acquisition of completion and performance bonds, and other financial and business tools.
  • Unparalleled experience establishing international markets for clients including  medical and dental equipment to construction services, office products, textiles and sporting goods. manufacturing equipment and automotive parts, and others
  • Foreign language education and translation services.

Penta Corporation – the local experts for your international business.

Bernard L. Marie is available for speaking engagements

Here are some of the subjects based on Bernard's expertise:

  • Life under the Nazi occupation in France
  • D-Day June 6, 1944 - living the invasion
  • Consequences of the war in Iraq for the world
  • Terrorists cannot be defeated
  • Democracy cannot be exported  as a copy of ours
  • World economy and how to increase the minimum wage
  • Russia will never be a country that we can trust
  • Education in the USA - the curriculum should be adapted to the world economy
  • Foreign Languages a must for future employees